About us

Fulfilling clients’ requirements

Experts at Caps Solutions LTD with diverse and vast financial experience use all the knowledge at their disposal to fulfill clients’ requirements to the highest standard, making it the highest priority in each individual case.

Optimal strategy suited for your specific needs

We’ll be more than happy to propose the optimal solution precisely optimized to your strategy, be it aggressive and high-risk growth-oriented trading, preserving the existing capital and the multitude of other options in between.


Caps Solutions LTD specifies in building diversified portfolios, comprised of the optimal ratio of fixed income, equity, and short-term investments for each individual client case, and precisely tailor it to maximize the return of investments.


Our clients and numerous success stories over the years in our portfolio made us who we are today. These factors along with the exceptional professional expertise put Caps Solutions LTD at the top of our competitive market. That is what helps to reach out to more clients, come up with the optimal custom solution for them, and making their trading success our top priority as a broker, regardless of what it takes.